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Posted by Tolga SERTKAYA on 13 January 2016 10:37:19

Dear Colleagues

You can also click the "Clear Licence" section for deletions on the license from adress.  


In order to be able to sign license section must have your credentials. Please ask for your credentials.


After entering your username and password in the pop-up screen,you can follow; license modules, all registered users in the office, which products they have used, their versions and status.

In the upper right corner of the screen, in the "Search" section, based on any information contained in the list is possible to make the filtering process. At the end of the line you can remove the user’s license with "Delete" button.

The users which are appearing ‘disable’ in the status area are meaning of exceed Licences of your company. Disable users can not login to the concerned program. Therefore you need to delete the lines which are appering disable users from the menu first. If you do not have available licence count then better to remove one active users from your account in order to change with disable user.

The available number of licenses can be activated when a new user enters the system.


After deletion you should uptade the license from General Menu-Uptade License for incoming programme (Sejour and the other products) users. (CTRL+ALT+L For TourVisio)




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