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1)      When the invoice is calculated, the parameter of using VAT rates in the VAT definition table is added. When its checked, you can manage different VAT applications. the parameter is located under GENERAL>PARAMETERS>RESERVATION>INVOICING


2)      In reservations made with a coach assignment, control for the arrival departure operations was provided,if the related parameter was enabled under General parameters   Then the system prevents booking to be modified. And this control works for both arrival and departure transfers seperately.



1)      For the “Day Promotion” in the area of special offers, the option to cut the cheapest day is added to the promo day. this parameter is added under Hotel>Seasons>Special Offers>Day promotion. With this selection the “promo day” will be aplied on the most cheapest days on the related season.


2)      Group operator aplication is enabled for Age table, previously this section works with real operators individually, However now if the group operator is entered on Age table within its season defintion, other individual real operators of which are connected to that group can be evaluted under it conditions. This table decides who is child and who is infant during web price search queries and it also effects on manual bookings by giving warning message during reservation entry.




3)      Room, room type and board Filtering boxes were added to the columns on Special Offer Monitor. With these filters, you wil be able to make a listing for entered special offers regarding its related criterias. 


4)       Hotel room, room type selections are added to the cumulative hotel change menu.


*With these selections you will be able to indicate Room-Roomtype cirterias on reservastion selection screen under Hotel / Package change.












5)      Special offer based cancellation rules option is added on period base cancellation rules area

With this option you will be able to indicate a specific special offer to validate your cancellation rule on a related period.



6)      Maximum night option is added on hotel extras definitions, with this way ,you will be able to define the maximum applied nights on your hotel extras definitions.







7)      Minimum- Maximum PAX option is added on hotel extras definitions, with this way ,you will be able to define the minimum- maximum applied person on your hotel extras definitions.




1)      A short cut to the invoice preliminary is added  on reservation monitor for giving a special price entry via the reservation monitor.








2)      Added multiple voucher search features on the reservation monitor, separated by a comma.


3)      On Reservation monitor an option added for listings the stop-sale reservations with different color displaying and provided for related criterion listings.






4)      A monitor field has been added to the additional service area in the reservation card.

*With this monitor, you will be able to process your additional services more practically , by giving their rates or adding-removing the services for the clients.







5)      Tailormade package template is added into the package reservation card.

*With this tool, you will be able to arrange and design onscreen package templates much more practically and flexibly




6)      An option is added to add file into hotel reservation card.

*With this option you will be able to add files under your voucher


7)      Profit/Loss Screen is added on ReservationCard

*With this screen , you will be able to see your profit and loss information of your related booking.

8)      Abrevations can be added cumulatively on reservation monitor


*With this option you can select your bookings on resmon and add their defined abrevations cumulatively to be reflected on to their related areas on reservation cards.


9)      Detailed Special price entry option is added on Reservation Monitor

*With this option you will be able to add detailed special price on reservation monitor.


10)   Reservation history is now reachable on reservation monitor.

*With this function you will be able to reach logs for the related booking on reservation monitor.








11)   Customer by Birthday & honey mooners of  Inhouse clients can be filtered on Reservation Monitor.

*With this option you will be able to give criterias for your honey-mooners and Birthday clients regarding to their birthday dates and hooneymoon information under reservation card.


12)   Criteria fileds of Room -Room Type-Boards is added on reservation module.

*With these function you will be able to add Room -Room Type-Boards criterias for your listing on Reservation monitor.




13)   Design study is made on vouchers



1)      Traffic map (Transfer wizard) is added on passenger traffic.

*This new screen is made for organizing your transfer coach assignments and their operational follow up regarding by mapping them on screen integrated with Google Map.










1)      Invoice Based Trascastion menu has been added.

*With this menu you will be able to manage operator, supplier and hotel payments as invoiced base

*Also you can get aging reports of those three of them as invoice basis.







2)      Invoice profit-loss report can be retrieved under Reservation Card.




3)      Infants calculated by age table option has been added under Hotel detail Card

*With this option, if  checked , the system will see the infant age regarding from age table under Hotels Season screen , and there is no necessity to be entered of the child price, only the age table combination definition is enough to make free calculation for infants.














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