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Here you can enter summary details of any new hotels for which you have a contract.

You should enter a short code name of up to 6 characters, and the corresponding hotel name.

We STRONGLY recommend that you do not start hotel names with “The” or “A”, because they will be difficult to find from the list later. Instead use, for example “Ritz Plaza, The”

Next you can enter “Category”, “Region” and “Transfer Region”.

Region : It is the main region of the hotel

Transfer Region: It is the region where you do transfer to go to the hotel.

You should select the regions by shortcut key F2 and these codes will come from ‘Regions’ Menu

The “Standard Confirmation” choices are:

  • Yes – The reservation is confirmed automatically.
  • No – The reservation will not be automatically confirmed.
  • Wait – The reservation will be on hold until confirmed manually later.
  • Unsent – The reservation is suspended.

These are the defaults when making a reservation, but can be over-ridden when making a reservation.

For allotments, you can select a standard allotment type for a reservation of:

  • Ask Allotment Type – The user will be asked when he/she makes a reservation.
  • Use Guaranteed Allotment First – If available Sejour will make reservations against your guaranteed allotment.
  • Use Normal Allotment First – Similar to above.
  • On Request – The status will be “On Request” until confirmation from the hotel. Once the reservation is confirmed, then you can amend the reservation.

The remaining fields such as address, telephone etc. can be left empty or entered for your use as necessary.


To be able to enter seasonal definitions of hotels you should use season wizard page easily and quickly.

The only thing that you should do is to write the season number and date, define the periods (if they are same for all) and select the tour operators. Here you should notice that if you select a group operator in ‘Groups’part you should select the operators that are combine to this group operator in ‘Operators’ part ‘

‘Select All’ is another way of selecting tour operators instead of selecting one by one.

After selecting tour operators you can create the seasons using ‘Create Seasons’ buttons.

Room Types;


You should select the room types according to the contract as well using ‘New ‘button and F2 key and save it.




You should select the room according to the contract as well using ‘New ‘button and F2 key and save it.


Accommodation table;

After you defined room types and rooms you should to match the room and room type in accommodation can use “create selected” option.In this area you will mention the rooms which are using in room type.


Then you can change occupucy of rooms.


You should define the board that are given on the contract and you should use ‘New’ button to define a new board and write dates of validity but is not recommended to write any operator’s name so this board will be valid for all operators who work with this hotel when you write any operator’s name here you will have to define same board for all operator and you will waste time.



Please contact with us for allotment entry. There can be some specifications for each agency.

Room Prices:


There are two ways to enter hotel room prices into the system. One of them is to use ‘Room Price’ button. To make it easier you should use ‘Price Entry Wizard ‘button. When you click this button the following table will appear. The only thing you should is to check the room type and board you enter the price.


As soon as you save the table room types and boards you choose in the table will come to the page and you can enter your prices.

If you will use room price in the price table, you should select “room “option on the price type.ıf you want to change you can do it manually.But if want to change more than one ,first you need select all rooms which you want to change then press table process option and change it.

After entering prices you should notice Child Price Reference about Single Rooms because you should combine child prices to Dbl rooms writing Dbl rooms and room types in the line of Sgl rooms as you see in the example above because if children reduction is percentage (e.g. % 50) it should take the percentage of P.P. in Dbl price.

You should notice that these prices that you enter in this table will be for adults. You must enter child reductions in ‘Child Price’ table.


You can enter the children reductions either as percentage or as fix rate .In the example above children’s prices are entered on a percentage basis (50%) .When you have the reductions as fix rate you should write it in Price column in the table .When you leave % or Price column blank that means that age has free accommodation .As you see in the example the line of children whose age between 0-6 is empty so we understand that children between 0-6 accommodate free of charge.

The other point is that while you are entering children reductions you should notice the numbers of adults. For example the children’ prices displayed in this example are for 2 adults (highlighted in light blue). If you select the row for 1 adult, you can enter different children’s prices for 1 adult, and Sejour will calculate a room rate based on these occupancies.

If the reductions are same for children with 1 adult and 2 adults or 3 adults you can copy the lines from 2 adults to 3 adults for example using ‘Copy’ button.

Beside that If purchasing and selling prices are the same, they can be copied using the “Copy to Sales” function button.

Notice you can have different children’s prices by:

  • Different dates (periods).
  • Different numbers of adults.
  • Different room types and boards
  • Purchasing and selling rooms.

That means if there is a difference in terms of board, room, room type or period you should specify it in the table.

As is usual for Sejour, when a field is blank, the same properties apply for all possible values of that field.

***The other main point is if you enter any child policy for room price you have to fill all columns.***


Buying price wizard;

The other way to enter your prices with buying price wizard ;

You can enter all prices for room from the” Buying Price entry” part. The system will ask “you will enter room prices” please press YES button. If you press NO you can enter Group prices.

Please fill the “base room price entry” part and please write your room rates according to the contract.

Please press “Create Rooms” button. After then you need to write supplement for rooms. If you have same price for Single and Double please write to supplement column “0” otherwise please write the supplement to the supplement column for each combination.

After entering the supplement please press the “Copy supplement to other periods” button and then you need to press “apply to prices” button for each period.


After creating the price of one room type you can continue with the other. Please change the base room type for the entering new room type price. And then the system will ask “base room values are changed....” please press to YES to continue with the other room type.



Mark up;


When you press ‘Mark up’ button, the system asks you the question .If you press ‘Yes’ button you can enter the markups of hotel room prices .If you press ‘No’ button you enter markups of group room prices.

In this area you can add value or percent to your buying prices.the main point is the price type which is per person or per room you need add value in different lines.Then you should press “copy markups to empty periods” if your markup value is same with the other periods.Then press apply to prices.aftre that please control your selling prices and save the prices.


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