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WHAT IS NEW VERSION 23.00.00 BUILD 043 05 JULY 2019
Posted by Ali Özyer on 05 July 2019 12:20:28

1- It is now possible to perform quick accounting process with F11 and F12 keys for Invoice Control and Editing screen (F11 Accounting / F12 Undo from Accounting)

2- Added shortcuts for Send TRY and Send EUR buttons during accounting process (Send F11 TRY / Send F12 EUR)

3- A new adjustment has been made for on the Coach Manager Screen. Various searches for the same dates are now faster.

4- Authorization option has been added for XML Sending Logs field.

5- Performance improvement is made at  Customer Traffic screen.

6- Option to list multiple Vouchers at the same time in the invoice check and edit screen added. (eg SAN001, SAN002)

7- A more detailed invoice closing option has been added to the Invoice Control field.

8- It is now possible to enter up to 250 characters in the Description section for Tour Tools in Tour Reservation.

9- The option to receive Invoiced / Non-Invoiced reports is added to Invoice Comparison List.

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