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WHAT IS NEW VERSION 23.00.00 BUILD 50 15 JULY 2019
Posted by Ali Özyer on 16 July 2019 11:46:59

1- In Tour Account Control screen, a field has been added for showing the total of the discount amounts of sold tours.

2- List / UnList option with Voucher no is added to Vehicle Management screen. This option further increases the listing speed of the respective field.

3- Guides can make discount/can’t option according to the tours they work has been added to Working tours. (Descriptions of operations> Guides> Working tours)

4- Showing only last three digits of voucher number option has been added to Departure Information List.

5- Updating flight times according to Regions option has been added to Cumulatively Flight time update screen. (Definitions > Operation > Flights > Cumulative flight time update)

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