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WHAT IS NEW VERSION 21.00.00 BUILD 122- 12 JULY 2017
Posted by Alim ŞİMŞEK on 12 July 2017 15:15:52


1- Sejour software language has been increased to XE5.

2-Xml log is added under General menu.

3-Cumulative remove or add option for web tick provided into hotel seasons.

4-Let to change price group in the hotel contract seasons definitation option which is under generel menu-paramaters-contract is connected to admin authority.

5-Version notes area is added under help menu.

6-Fast price monitör is added under Hotel2Sejour menu 7-Option for invoicing special offer is can work with seperatly for buying and selling.

8-Calculate hotel extra price as adult when there are no age range option as added into parameters in reservation area.



1-Hotel name is added into Spo bar.

2-Hotel extras area is modified. New monitor is done.

3-Extra area of the hotel under the Otters menu was added to the report 2nd child column.

4-Added Paximum active / passive optionto Kick Back field.

5-Hotel code  Hotel codes  Hotel / Operator season list under the Oteller / Services menu

6- Provided markup to the weekend price into normal spo.

7- Provided option was for hotel-based operation during  copy to operator in the Spo.

8-Base room ,board optipns are added into hotel contract copy area.

9- In the calculation of the hotel prices, the parameters related to the consideration and calculation of the revised contract are made and managed.

10- Paximum cumulative defination screen allows enter cumalative release.

11- During copy  the hotel extras is provided an option of checking the active / passive status of the operator card.

12-Best Price feature is added.

13-Performance improvement is done for spo copy screen.

14- Contract copying allowed to copy to hotel group.

15- Added warning windows to remove any marking during the hotel season

16- In the Oteller / Services area, the rooms in the area of allaotment management were provided cumulative deletion.

17- When copying the Hotel Extras, if they have the same features, they are prevented from opening the same line again.



1- Management Reports / Reservation / Hotel Room / Pax Number Comparison Report was made to compare the profit and loss ratio by making a comparison.

2- Invoicing/ hotel invoice calculation area, the notes appear  in the calculation window even  if they are unmarked. If these fields are unchecked, they are shown in the calculation summary.

3-In House List "First Print Date" Filter Added.

4- Reservation-Reports-Flight and Flight Group Filter Added to Overnight Report.

5- Under Hotel / Package Reservation - Group Reports - Detail from Tansfer List of Guide Transfer List2 > PACKAGE ARRIVAL TRANSFER LIST OF GUIDE list displayed with Tour Name.

6- If someone is locked on the hotel reservation card, it is not possible to change the note area.

7 - Reports => Hotel Check In / Check Out List => on Summary section when you are Retrieving the excel table from 2 sections, the customer 's nationality details are displayed.

8 - Reservation list and customer list are provided comes default as blank, and the option to fetch all records at opening is removed.

9-  When the Reservation is saved on canceled  part at the reservation of the hotel / operator in the reservation card located next to the (...) reservation button ,the past  confirmation info was made to seen on  the records.

10- If the reservation source is Paximum, a notification can be sent to the to notify the voucher changes that the change has been made in the card.

11- In the hotel Check in list Summary 2 report, It was also possible to see the date of sale.

12- Reservation monitors provides multiple listing for the web and Paximum reservations together  in the reservation source area.

13 - The Additional Services on Voucher form can be issued according to the order of  date.

14- Managment Reports / Reservation / Profit Report Overnight-basis report was provided to work according to the buying.

15- A special code can be entered in the package itenerary definition.

16- When a manually canceled reservation is activated manually again, the date of sale is not changed as the date of which the reservation is activated. It will keep the original sales date.

17 - Confirm number has been provided to appear on the room request form.

18- A combo-box added on Hotel check-in and check-out listing.





1- In the Handling fee table, child age is added according to hotel check-in date.

2- In the Departure  information list, the order is corrected while translating the list into Arabic or Hebrew languages.

3- Cumulative updating of cancellation rules is provided.

4- On the Hotel Transfer Order screen, the scroll button functionality has been increased and a search button has been added.

5- Waiting time has been reduced in transactions such as entering flight hours on Passenger Traffic .

6-Arrival List (Reservation detailed ) has been reranged according to detailed flight time.

7- Detail 2 option in Operation / Trf List / Guide Trf list When selected, the button "Hotel Fax Information Display" has been activated.

8- For the airports in the region descriptions; A tab was opened allowing you to specify the zones available at the airport and it becomes able to mapping  them.

9- The Coaches assigned to tours were provided with the Operator Filtering List on the "Coach  Management" screen.

10- Addition of other excel buttons, the  Excel5 button added on the Operation / Passenger Traffic screen.

11 - Operation / Coach Management screen, operator group could be selected with f3 filter.

12- In Passenger Traffic, performance improvement  is done.

13- On the screen of the Coach Management, the screen allows you to select multiple rows at once then to be charged at one time in terms of applying costs.

14- Transfer lists - In the General Transfer List, a Coach Company filter has been added to the screen in order to be able to report on the basis of the Coach Company.

15- An option is added Company, to Operations => Transfer List => In Coach Transfer List, List Type => - Added option is to List Customer Names in the report with duty number basis According to Coaches List.

16- An option has been added to see only available Coaches on the Coach monitor, so that only unused vehicles are introduced in the given date range.

17- Definitions / Operation Definitions / Coaches / Breakdown / Keep, The date specified in the field has not been selected for the broken coach.

18- When Detail2 option is selected in the Guide Transfer List, the option of sending individual mail for each contact is enabled.

19 - Voucher Note Information Reflected on General Transfer List.

20- Arrival List (Reservation Detail) Added to the setting of the Excel Column to add the driver information.

21- In Passenger traffic, the Coach was filtered to assign the vehicle as a column on the screen.



1 - Tour / Tour Lists / Tour Passenger List Provides More Characters (to visible up to 35 Characters).

2 - The notes which have entered on GENERAL SERVICES is provided to appear more characters.

3-Tour Sales List, it was provided to reflect the information of the passenger who will be taken from the hotel.

4 - When the hotel changes in theTour Pendıng area, double-clicking on the new hotel information on the upper right hand side of the hotel provides adding the hotel, but a more efficient and quicker use of the collective choice has been provided.

5 - The Tour Traffic screen provides an indication that the tours that have been  incurred are listed on the Tour Traffic, and that the tours that have been canceled can be listed with  red italic lines on the tour traffic. In addition, these filters can be listed on the tour tracking screen by providing criteriawith a filter added to these areas.

6-Tours-Guide Performance Report provided sub-totals for all columns.

7- The number of characters in the field of Account No. Information area has been increased in Suppliers Card (up to 26 characters).



1-Hotel invoice information resource list to excel column was added in the settings.

2- In the area of invoice control, a button was added for spo's under the reservations menu.

3- Hotel group criterion to be able to filter more than one hotel into hotel payment process

4- F3 option is added into Invoice compare table whic is in Invoicing-Invoıce Reports area.

5- In the control of tour account  change is not allowed until the receipt number is filled

6- Collection or payment can be entered On Voucher payment follow-up screen .

7-Clean button is added into invoice control area which is helping clean all the criterias.

8-Hotel name is provided into control of tour account.


And some small  bugs are fixed.



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